The MacDoctor Hotline

You have a problem with your Mac, or a question you can’t find an answer for but don’t know who to call ? You’re tired of long hold times and unfriendly service but don’t want to go broke getting help ? Call a Mac Doctor,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week ! We solve all Mac related problems… guaranteed !

The MacDoctor Support Hotline is



Most of the problems are solved within the first 20 minutes… Anyway, if it would take longer, it will not influence what you pay, as you pay per incident or via a subscription.


Mac Doctors do everything for you remotely, via screen sharing technology. It is as the MacDoctor is sitting in front of your computer. And if a house call of a Macdoctor would be recommended , no problem: If you have already a MacDoctor Hotline subscription, you get a 40 % discount on the first hour of a One-to-One house call.


if you are not happy with our service, you get an instant refund. Although we are quite sure it will never come to that :-)


you’ll enjoy learning tech tricks with our experts, at your pace and following your needs.


How does it work ?

Ask your question

1If you already have a MacDoctor Hotline Subscription, call us by phone, ichat or skype. If you are a first time customer, go through our 1 minute subscription page, buy either a onetime support voucher or a subscription plan, enter a quick description of your problem and you will be connected to a Mac Doctor within minutes.

Share your screen

2 Your doctor will connect remotely to your Mac and solve the problem with you. And if you are a recurrent customer, MacDoctor has a history of all your experiences and previous issues, so you won’t have to explain the same things all over again.

Problem solved

3Enjoy using your problem-free Mac. Shortly after, you’ll get an email which will recapitulate the solution and remedy. Oh, and did we say already that we’ll get you an instant refund if you are not happy with our service?



Not convinced yet ?

Check out our Eight good reasons to call the MacDoctor Hotline.



Call our MacDoctor hotline,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and get all your Mac related problems solved… guaranteed !


Pay Per incident: 39 € per incident.
Get a subscription: 249 € per Year for an unlimited number of support calls!


Nothing more then an iChat or Skype account (we’ll set one up for you if you don’t have one yet) or screen sharing enabled.


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Call us at (+352) 26 87 08 68 to order by phone and fix the date for the course.
You can also email, ichat or skype us.