One to One Session


Get the most out of your Mac

There’s no better way to get set up, trained, and get going on your Mac than with a One to One session from Our Mac doctors can transfer your files from your old computer, teach you all the basic mac stuff there is to know in face-to-face training sessions, or, if you are already an experienced mac user, guide you through advanced projects.
Whether you are brand new to the Mac, a seasoned professional or somewhere in between, One to One wil take your skill-set to the next level.
One to one sessions are priced at 49€ per hour and can either be ordered and booked on our website, or via phone, email, skype or ichat.

Get set up

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought your first mac or you have been using one for years. Our One to One training and support sessions will get you and your Mac set up and started out right.
Either just drop off both your old Mac/PC and the new one at our office, or – much easier – have one of our Mac doctors making a house call to transfer your files, install any software you own, put all in the right place and give you loads of tips and tricks about the tools you find important. And when he leaves, your Mac will be set up the way you like it.

Get trained

One to One features 3 different ways to learn:

1Face-to-Face (at your home or via iChat or Skype through screen sharing): As experts in all things Mac, Mac doctors provide you guidance, support, and creative inspiration.

2Participate in a Workshop (3 people max): These exclusive One to One Workshops are a unique opportunity for you and a 2 other members to work with a Trainer on special interest topics and advanced product trainings.

3Web based video courses: You can also learn from anywhere, on your own schedule, using your One to One web page. Our Mac doctor will create and upload a video specifically for you, based on your subject specifications en training requirements.

Need more?

We also offer a One-to-One Subscription Plan, which entitles you to 10 hours of training for 299 €, or 20 hours for 499 €.



Get the most out of your Mac. Order a One to One Session to cover all your training, support and Setup needs.


Only 49 € / hour
We also offer a Plus training session of 4 hours for 189 €.


Additional Transportation costs of 0,45€ per km (single trip from our offices in either Larochette (Luxembourg), Maastricht (Netherlands), Metz (France) or Brussels (Belgium) with a maximum of 90 € per session. If you want to obtain a quote for the exact transportation costs, please contact us here.


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Call us at (+352) 26 87 08 68 to order by phone and fix the date for the course.
You can also email, ichat or skype us.