Eight good reasons to call the Macdoctor Hotline


Don’t know who to call ?

1Who should you call when your mac stops printing? Should you call your computer, printer, or software maker? Often, they will be too busy pointing fingers to solve your problem. MacDoctor customers call one number, one place, and get one answer…the right one.

Tired of long hold times ?

2There is no scientific evidence that on-hold music is good for your health, so stop waiting on hold for 30 to 60 minutes just to get through to someone. Your time is money, and we’ll help you save both.

You don’t want to go broke getting help?

3Stop paying per minute on a support hotline or 75-100 € for every problem that pops up. For an affordable annual fee of 249 € or 39 € per incident, you are completely covered, 24/7 !

Tired of unfriendly service ?

4Don’t put up with support people that talk down to you or blame you for problems that have occurred. The Mac doctors live by the philosophy that successful support starts with patience and empathy.

Do you want someone that knows you and your Mac ?

5Don’t be treated like a serial number! Mac doctors value each and every customer and keep a history of all your experiences and previous issues to serve you better.

Afraid for huge phone costs ?

6When you call MacDoctor, we take your landline number, and call you back immediately, so that a call to MacDoctor will never cost you more then a few Eurocent !

You don’t speak tech-talk ?

7We neither… Mac Doctors talk plain English, without using techno-jargon. We find a solution to your problem, explain it in simple terms and send you an email 10 minutes after our talk with you which recapitulates the main points and things to remember.

You use your Mac during off-hours or weekends ?

8Who can you call at 3AM in the morning if your computer is not working? Mac doctors are up whenever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.